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Fort Collins Garbage Disposal Repair

Fort Collins Garbage Disposal RepairAll Fort Collins garbage disposals work on the same principal, they are supposed to grind up leftover food to send down the drain. But all our customers know there are certain items that a typical garbage disposal cannot grind up, or can they? Aggie Plumbing & Service is a certified member of InSinkErator Pro Circle preferred plumbers. This mean we are able to offer a free Extended Service Plan on all of InSinkErator most popular models of garbage disposals. We can also assist you with finding the correct model for all your grinding needs including garbage disposals that will grind the very items we were taught not to put down a disposal.

Maintenance: There are some things you, as a homeowner, can do to repair and maintain your garbage disposal.

  • Avoid putting potato peels, egg shells, meat, carrot peels, celery and other fibrous items into a typical household garbage disposal. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for what can and cannot be put into your unit.
  • To clean your disposal, run hot water while putting ice cubes down your garbage disposal. This will help keep the blades sharp and clean out food particles that may have built up.
  • If you disposal still smells, try running vinegar, lemons, or any other acidic juice through it. Let sit for a few minutes, and then run the disposal with water to rinse.
  • Keep track of that funny-looking disposal key that comes with the unit. You will eventually need it, should your disposal jam, or get stuck.
  • If water is leaking through the bottom of the unit, you most likely need a new disposal. Aggie Plumbing & Service can recommend the correct model for your grinding need, and provide a free Extended Service Plan if you purchase one of the more popular models from ISE.

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