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Every sprinkler system has a vacuum breaker that must be tested once every three years, in accordance with City of Fort Collins regulations.

If the system hasn’t been properly winterized, the homeowner will likely see a leak outside their house, at a vacuum breaker.

The City of Fort Collins now mandates that backflow prevention installations can no longer be handled by landscapers. The landscapers are mandated to handle anything from the backflow prevention device to the underground piping. The plumbing company takes it from the water supply inside the house to that vacuum breaker.

If you see water leaking all over the place outside, your backflow is likely broken. We can get replacement parts for you if you want to try fixing this yourself, or we can fix this for you. And if we have winterized your system and you see a problem come spring, we will warranty any part that breaks in the backflow part of the system.

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