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Aggie Plumbing and Service, Inc. exists today because Craig Unter, the founder, found that after working for more than 20 years in the plumbing and service industry in Fort Collins, companies lacking plumbers are taking advantage of their customers, delivering poor service, and do not seem to be trying to make it any better. Craig began his plumbing career in 1993, working for the one of the largest Northern Colorado plumbing firms. Here, he worked for 8 years, gaining his master plumbing license, learning all phases of new construction, studying the way the plumbing business was being done, making notes on how to do things better, and planning for the future.

In 2000, Craig began his own “side” business “Some Plumbing”, and then “Aggie Plumbing”. In 2003, Craig moved on to head the service department for the another large Northern Colorado plumbing firm. After several years, his attempts to set a new standard of plumbing service were met with resistance. Craig used this experience to perfect his business model and gained a new perspective on how other plumbing companies fall short, and took actions to correct those problems in his own business and has a team of experienced Fort Collins licensed plumbers.

Why Choose Aggie Plumbing?

By 2006, Craig had learned everything he could from the larger plumbing firms that just didn’t seem to care about anything other than maximizing profit, so he left and truly started what is now known as Aggie Plumbing & Service, Inc.  This company was designed to be different, created in order to fix the flaws in the current system that no one was willing to address. For the past four years, Aggie Plumbing & Service, Inc. has been continually adapting to a changing environment in order to stay unique and serve the people of Northern Colorado in the most effective way with the most experienced Fort Collins licensed plumbers in the area.
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