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Aggie Plumbing & Service Inc. can handle virtually any general plumbing issues a homeowner might encounter, from a toilet that won’t stop running to kitchen sink installations. Homeowners can often handle these issues themselves, and we’re happy to answer any questions and walk them through the process.

If you go out and buy a replacement part and attempt to fix a problem yourself but just can’t figure it out, we’ll come out and install the part for you. If you want to try to install a new toilet yourself, we’ll give you some pointers. We would caution, though, that while it may seem like a simple enough installation, extra care must be taken when installing the wax ring underneath the toilet to make sure it seals properly. If not done properly, you may never actually see water on your floor, but there may be a leak causing ruining the subfloor beneath your tile and you won’t know it until major damage has already been done.

The advantage to having us install a new toilet is that we offer a two-year warranty, so if you have plumbing issues, we’re going to fix it and cover it.

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